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Managing LXC hosts with ansible and a jump host

I wanted to be able to create a LXC guests using ansible and then manage said guests without having them public.

Since my last attempt ...

Mounting NFS from an LXC container

In order to permit an LXC to mount an NFS share I had to modify an Apparmor profile. Looking in /var/log/syslog we can ...

Send email attachements from the console

gmimeuuencode some/file.tgz  filename_to_display.tgz > encoded_file.b64
mail -s "A title..." email@domain.tld < encoded_file.b64

Preseed KVM using virt-install

Install a new VM on an LVM volume using preseed and virt-install

The preseed is mostly taken from ...

Backup using Ccollect and a TomatoUSB router

Ccollect is a pretty simple tool to do incremental backups, and it works easily on a small router with TomatoUSB.

  • install coreutils
  • install openssh
  • create ...

rdiff backup and windows

  • download rdiff-backup for windows
  • download plink putty puttygen
  • create id_rsa and using puttygen
  • test using plink
plink.exe -i privatekey.ppk username@servername ...

Postfix Sasl Dovecot

How to setup Postfix with Maildir delivery, authentify against Dovecot, and get SSL imap

1 postfix

  • install postfix and dovecot
apt-get install postfix dovecot-imapd dovecot-common ...

Apache, php, fastcgi and APC on RHEL

  • RHEL6
rpm -ivh
  • Installation de mod_fcgid depuis les depots epel (pas disponible sur le ...

Debwrt on Asus RT N16

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