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Blog with Emacs and Pelican - even better !

Fixing some stuff, I decided to look again at how to get a better and easier process to post on my site.

I was already ...

Blog using OrgMode and Pelican

First I was using drupal, then tinkerer, then I discovered OrgMode

Since I started using OrgMode for my notes, I figured out, that would be ...

drupal 7: redirect to a page after submitting a node

  • info file
mkdir modules/custom/redirect_on_save
cat > modules/custom/redirect_on_save/ << EOF
name = Redirect on save
description = redirect to 'something' after posting a specific_node ...

Simple blog using git, tinkerer and ansible

  • Tinkerer helps to create a blog using .rst files and renders them as static pages.
  • Ansible helps to configure systems using simple YAML files
  • Git ...
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